Hafod and how we make it

We make Hafod in small quantities in our purpose built dairy on the farm. The recipe for the cheese originated locally, from the late Dougal Campbell. Dougal learned to make cheese in the Swiss Alps before moving to West Wales in the early 80s. Here he started making a cheese called Tyn Grug using milk from both his own herd and ours. Whilst doing so, Dougal trained a number of cheesemakers, including Simon Jones of Lincolnshire Poacher.

In 2005, when we decided to establish our own cheese, Simon was happy to help us get underway. With his training, and the support of many other fantastic cheesemakers, including Joe Schneider of Stichelton, and with the Poacher recipe as our starting point, we started making cheese in August 2007.

We make a small batch of Hafod every other day, piping milk directly from the milking parlour into our Dutch, wooden sided open vat in our purpose-built dairy.

Although the recipe for the cheese is very similar to that of a cheddar, Hafod has distinctive rich, buttery, nutty flavours indicative of its Swiss origins combined with our raw Ayrshire milk. The cheese is made in 10kg rounds and matured for 10 to 18 months, during which time it develops a traditional mould rind.